Who We Are

The Toronto Robotics Society

  The Toronto Robotics Society is a non-profit organization founded by high school students in 2019 with the intention to create a highly competitive & uniquely educational robotics experience for high school/middle school students. Seeing a lack of competitive robotics programs in the area, we came from different teams across Ontario to create the Nexus Robotics Initiative, designed to provide opportunities to utilize the VEX EDR & V5 Systems and compete in the VEX Robotics Competition tournaments.  


Our Mission


The Nexus Robotics Initiative is an extracurricular robotics program designed for high school students (and middle school) primarily through the VEX Robotics Competition.

The Nexus Robotics Program was created for the following reasons:

1. To create a specialized educational program surrounding robotics

  • To create a program that is completely student/alumni-led, made by students for students
  • To provide senior students & alumni with a chance to pass on their knowledge to future teams
  • To provide lessons taught by highly experienced coaches.
  • To streamline learning in an educational environment by providing hands-on experience with robots & programming 
  • To bring new opportunities and education to students, not normally received in the everyday classroom.
  • To allow students to learn through experiencing robotics to the fullest.
  • To promote the development of character, leadership and inquiry in students.

2. Inspiring students to develop & pursue passions in STEM in a very accessible manner

  •  To create the most affordable environment possible
    • We want to create a community of giving. That is why we are setting costs as low as possible to allow anyone to participate, but additional financial support to the program from those capable of providing is greatly appreciated.
  • To provide a streamlined program to allow anyone starting at any age to get competition experience as quickly & efficiently as possible
  • Creating specialized programs & experiences to help inspire passion in students
    • We want to provide all the resources, opportunities, and connections needed to create both a competitive & recreational STEM experience.
  • To spread awareness of the importance, prominence, future, etc. of the robotics disciplines

3. Creating a nexus among students with passions for STEM

  • To provide a foundation/support system for students interested in a future within STEM.
  • To create a hub for robotics-centered discussion, learning, outreach, & inspiration.
  • To encourage and inspire other students to have perseverance while tackling engineering difficulties.
  • To promote equality in the STEM field for all genders and nationalities 
  • To create a positive environment where students can express their ideas and passions for robotics, constantly growing in their understanding and enthusiasm. 
  • To create a place where students can explore, innovate, and be creative, pushing the limits of what they can achieve. 
  • To create a fun and supportive environment & to provide students with meaningful experiences that further build students’ knowledge and spark their passion.
  • To empower students to make the world a better place while gaining self-confidence, entrepreneurial and workforce skills and a chance to build a network that transcends schools.